We are the pioneer in Electric Vehicle assembly in the Philippines.

E - Jeepney

E - Quad

E - Trike


About Us

PhUV (Philippine Utility Vehicle) Incorporated is the umbrella organization of companies & institutions which pioneered the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines. It is the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (MVPMAP) and supplied the numerous electric jeepneys (eJeepneys) now plying the Makati Green Route (MGR) in its Salcedo and Legazpi Village loops.


What Is an Ejeepney?

The eJeepney runs on pure electricity supplied by rechargeable automotive batteries thus it does not consume either gasoline or diesel to operate. It therefore has no noise, no fumes, no harmful emissions. It can be charged overnight for about eight hours on an ordinary wall outlet, much like charging a cellphone and run the next day for a minimum of 65 kms.