We are the pioneer in Electric Vehicle assembly in the Philippines.

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Electric Jeepneys (eJeepneys), the first public transport of its kind in Southeast Asia, were launched in July 1, 2008 in a historic drive along Ayala Avenue in Makati.

Pioneering cities in the Philippines are welcoming Electric Jeepneys as part of an innovative project that aims to use energy from biodegradable waste from the city’s wet markets, food establishments, and households to power an environment-friendly public transport system. The result is a system that addresses urban environmental problems such as air pollution and solid waste. But, more importantly, these Electric Jeepneys are examples of a concrete and viable way in which cities can contribute to reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. By steering clear of fossil fuels, these Electric Jeepneys have not only revolutionized a Philippine icon; they also provide an answer to the biggest challenge threatening our planet today: CLIMATE CHANGE.



To prevent dangerous climate change, we need a revolution in the way we produce and use energy. The key to stopping dangerous climate change is to stop reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards a sustainable energy future. Cleaner, safer renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency hold the key to a country’s energy dependence.

The Electric Jeepneys are meant to steer clear of the use of fossil fuels to help mitigate climate change, even as it addresses urban problems such as air pollution and solid waste.